The antler handled custom knife from 5R Knives is made to use on the next animal you harvest, as well as wall trophy art. It’s art you can wear everyday!

There are several ways to acquire an antler handled knife:

  1. Choose from our stock on the available page. – Prices Vary. Click here to see our available selection.
  2. Order one that we would make from our antler pile when available. Prices range from $210 – $250
  3. Send your antlers and we will make a knife or two from your antlers. Prices range from $250 – $300
  4. In addition, we can create a mantle or wall mount for your trophy knife when you are not wearing it! Prices available upon request.

Tom handles requests for these beautifully crafted antler knives personally. Please contact us for information on how to place your order.

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