This cross draw position ensures the knife is easy to access without getting in the way.

5R Knives was born out of necessity and practicality. A small fixed blade knife, set in a cross draw sheath that is both easily accessible and comfortable to wear all day long. Cowboys, hunters, fisherman, ranchers and farmers, outdoors and indoors, you will find this a handy daily tool that you will love.

Although each knife is approximately 6” in length the knives are all custom and one of a kind. From the blade shape and details to the handles created from wood and materials from all over the globe. Also, unique handles made from whitetail antlers that look like polished marble.


The leather sheath is where it all started, handmade, hand sewn with custom stained details, individually carved and tooled designs. Each sheath is individually designed, fit and molded to each knife.

YOURS is unique. The shape of the knife and fit of the sheath creates a unique locking system without snaps, clips or ties. This allows you instant access to your knife without fear of accidental loss.


When you buy a 5R knife you buy a custom one of a kind knife and sheath system. From the custom blade, the unique handles, hand tooled and carved leather scabbard your 5R knife is designed and built to be treasured and used.

Since we make them one at a time availability can be limited. You will find the cost very reasonable!

Each knife created is custom made from a variety materials and will be completely unique. These images represent some of the types of materials used, however, each knife will be one of a kind. Please see our Now Available page for the actual images of the currently available knives.

A Unique System


Each knife comes with a custom made sheath that has been fitted to the knife exactly. This fit enables the knife to stay secure without the risk of it falling out. Some sheaths utilize a metal fitting to pinch the knife into place. This can damage the knife. The 5R Knives unique system uses a custom fitted sheath instead to keep your knife secure and easy to access without damaging the knife itself.


  • Practical and Pretty

  • Everyday Friendly

  • Comfortable

  • Self Locking So You Won’t Lose It!

5R Knives Utilizes Unique Woods From Around The World


Cocobolo grows on a thin band along the Pacific Coast of Mexico down through Central America. Cocobolo is a true Rosewood, similar in color & tap tone to Brazilian Rosewood and considered to be a good substitute. It is denser than most Rosewoods and oilier. The colors range from any combination of orange, red, yellow, & black to violet. For this reason, it has also been called rainbow wood.

Desert Ironwood

From the desert of the Southwest, this is true Desert Ironwood (Olynatesota) This beautiful and very dense hardwood has a great deal of chatoyance (luster) which gives great depth and color to finished projects. The color ranges from an orangish yellow to a darker red or brown, with darker violet to black streaks. Some pieces may be almost entirely black. Checks are normal with this species as it dries in the desert for years before being harvested in dead tree trunks or fallen / dead limbs.

Spalted Maple Burl

Oregon Big Leaf Maple is slightly coarser than European or Eastern Hard Rock Maple and as so is somewhat harder to work. Despite this, the beauty of the wood easily overcomes any difficulties in working. It has excellent color variations that range from white to coral pink & light brown. Boards of Big Leaf Maple usually have figure & color variations; no two pieces are the same.

Mediterranean Olive

Mediterranean Olive, grown throughout many areas of Central Europe, was planted by locals, soldiers, and anyone who has enjoyed eating olives or cooking with olive oil. Native European stock tends to produce larger boules with larger, thicker, and more stable lumber. Ideal for high end cabinets, end tables, and fancy turned articles. European Olive tends to have regular grain patterns (not fiddle back or burl) unlike the orchard trees in the United States. A rare and prized species in exotic lumber. Italy. This is the same species of olive that is sent from the “Holy land” it has just been grown elsewhere.

Spalted Texas Pecan

Pecan is the state tree of Texas and produces hard, beautiful, durable wood. Wood comes from Central Texas trees that are up to 400 years old and have died from natural causes. This wood is very unique due to the “spalting” that occurs naturally in the dying process. The diversity is truly amazing! From beautiful, dark-reddish heartwood to blonde sapwood with brown and black mineral streaking, burling, open knots, and even the wormholes – the range of color, patterns, and character is indescribable.


Dalbergia variabilis or Dalbergia frutescens. Tulipwood is also called: jacaranda, bahia rosewood, pink wood, jacaranda Rosa, and bois de rose. This rosewood is a small tree (shrub) from Brazil that averages 2-10″ in diameter without sapwood. Most billets are 3-5″ in diameter as this is a rare species and is only found in small 1″ or 2″ lumber or veneer and is not plentiful in either.

Thuya Burl

Thuya wood (pronounced two-ya) is from the Thuya tree (Tetraclinis articulate in Latin, and Araar in Moroccan). This biblical tree is a conifer from the cedar family, and is exclusively native to Morocco. This highly praised conifer grows only in the forests of the Atlas mountains east of Essaouira, the beautiful coastal town famous for its ancient and contemporary history, museums, art galleries, world music festival, and above all for its Thuya wood craftsmanship. Thuya wood was highly praised by Romans and Greeks, and its oils were used in religious rituals and ceremonies. Thuya trees reach maturity over many decades. Still the praised part of this tree is not the trunk, but the burl buried in the ground. The burl has a deeper color, a more concentrated aroma, and a fascinating grain. Today these burls are very scarce and hard to locate, extract, and transport. High demand over the centuries has greatly reduced the Thuya forests, and looking for underground burls is something like sifting through sand for grains of gold.

Western Walnut

Western Walnut is a unique Walnut species that grows around Oregon. Combining beautiful violet and brownish black streaks with the browns or Eastern walnut. Western walnut and English walnut have been favored for high end rifles and shotguns by many over the years. They are also used for guitars of various kinds and many other applications including fine furniture, boxes, and high quality turned items. Most of the supply originates in orchards as either production walnut trees (English grafted to the Claro roots) or wind row trees to slow the wind and show property lines (Claro without graft). Claro is a beautiful wood that is in high demand and short supply.


From equatorial western Africa, Zebrawood is usually logged by hand with a hundred men or more on mountain slopes. One of the most appealing features of Zebra is the exotic appearance of the colorful grain. Black & golden lines with interlocking grain produce beautiful iridescence!

Personalized Custom Crafted Antler Knives

These beautiful one of kind knives can be made from antlers you provide, from antlers in our stock pile, or from our Now Available section. Learn more about these knives here.

Canvas Micarta

Colors include Tri-Colored, Green, and Black. This beautiful material is made of thermo-setting resins combined with layers of canvas cloth pressed under high pressure and heat.

Custom Fitted Sheaths

Each knife comes with a sheath that has been fitted to the knife. The sheaths are as unique as the knives themselves.